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Kings of Kaivinkone – Kings of Kaivinkone [LREC009MP3]

Kings of Kaivinkone are Perttu Piirto (known also for his Ever Had project) and Jouka Mattila from Tampere, Finland. This album is their 2nd public release and now it is finally available (again) for audience and new fans world wide.

Rhytmic noise with techno/industrial vibrations, don’t take this music too seriously. Definetively recommended for highway driving with small/midsize car (example Lada).

Original cdr-release 2001.

Kaivinkone ~ Steam Shovel.







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michL bridge – Free yourself from music within a day [LREC010MP3]

::folk memories from Mainz, Germany.

“free yourself from music within a day” – untouched, unmastered, uncensored -


part one

part two and three


this piece of work is about transformation. transforming a bad depressive feeling into something more helpful, into something positive at last.

i recorded the tracks on a weekend (started on friday) and finished the mixing process on sunday. the week before i felt, well, actually like shit. on that friday i decided not to accept that feeling any longer (accept it, but not giving in to it – that’s what i mean…), but to react and try to transform it into something else. a tantric act, if you like to…

i read a lot and drank uncountable cups of green tea (which

means i visited the toilet uncountable times, too). during
that process of cleaning my body with tea and feeding my mind
with healing words, the idea for that concept came up. it was
clear as light, which must have something to do with the dark
feelings i had before. there was something in me which wanted
to use this contrast in me.

“free yourself (…)” is a title you shouldn’t take to literally.
it’s more like a zen koan. i decided to solve this koan with a
kind of meditations in sound and use the paradoxon of the phrase for
this purpose.

i wanted the tracks to sound very simple and pure. they all should
happen this special weekend to really proof that a kind of transformation
is possible within that period of time. and to catch this feeling as true
as possible. another thing was not to use too many reverb effects and
other stuff. i wanted to use the natural room most of the samples already
had in themselves. some magic things happened and i heard things
i couldn’t hear before, while listening to the “originals”.

this music was made to fill a room just with being there.

i tried to use only one sample each track, if it was possible.
the results should have a natural touch, just like the sources i used.
with a very random sequenced character (which it actually is and not is
at the same time). i wanted something which should sound like ‘folkloristic
sampling’, but not exploiting “world music” sources again by another western

i stopped working on a track, when i felt that i wanted to get too tricky.
that’s why most of the stuff includes first takes (part two or flute drone
for example. i did more takes of them, but always came back to the first
one, cause right after playing them again, i tried being to musical and
using harmonical knowledge on them. baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!).

enough of words.

i hope you feel and enjoy the beautiful and refreshing simplicity of these
tracks just like i do. to me they did what was the reason to create them:
i feel easy, clean and calm inside.

// peace //

Michl Bridge – 28.8.2005

We are back.

After few years silence, Luumu Recordings is back.

Loads of things has happened during our “silent years”. There has been a revolution with how music is distributed. More and more  (new) music is going online, mobile, digital. Probably cd will be biggest loser in this format “battle”. Also lot of progression has happened with online music distribution. MySpace was a big hit when Luumu was making their latest releases and now MySpace is already starting to be ‘old stuff’ and there are other online services which are ‘hip’ right now, specially , among many others interesting concepts and approaches. Times are really good for artists to do their diy distribution and music production.

There has happened also loads of changes with music technology. Analog hardware is making a tiny comeback via diy-maker culture and increasing demand, and same time there are coming new forms how to make music, maybe term “bedroom music” is soon fashionable again, thanks to… iPad?

Wireless technology is entering into consumer level applications and it is available for reasonable budgets, allmost same way as music software and plugin-softwares did a huge revolutional change in late 90’s. Entertainment industry and diy culture are melting together into rich and innovating applications. For this we can also thank a lot for open-source communities and hardware innovations like Arduino. Hacker culture is becoming mainstream, or atleast parts of it.

Nowadays it is really not matter of available technology to become electronic musician. I think challenge is more how to deal with all different possibilities in the media-technology ache. Deadlines and special concepts are allways good ways to achieve results.


During upcoming days, weeks we are updating our catalog etc. information to this website.

We are also accepting new music demos. Please wait for few days to get our contact info and information about our demo policy. Notice that Luumu Recordings is non-profit NetLabel and our resources for listening new demos are limited.


You can also found us from Facebook:















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